Offering a Full Range of Septic Services

Tri-County Septic LLC Offers a Full Range of Septic Services, including in-company Excavation Services that save you both time and money by cutting out the need for multiple contractors. From Inspection to Repair and Installation, Tri-County has all of your Septic Needs Covered. With over 30 years of experience serving customers throughout Warren, Hunterdon and Morris Counties, you can rely on Tri-County for reliable and dependable service.


Septic Cleaning & Pumping

For a family of four, your septic should be pumped every 2 to 3 years. Families of a larger size should anticipate more frequent maintenance. Septic Repairs and Replacements can be costly, so it's always better to be safe than sorry with septic upkeep!

septic repairs

Septic Maintenance & Repairs

Septic systems need annual maintenance to keep them in working order. Don't take the risk of needing emergency services. Have your system checked on a regular basis to save money on unnecessary repairs.

installation septic

Septic Installation

Whether you are breaking new ground on a property, or replacing an old septic system, Tri-County has the equipment, crew, and experience to handle all of your septic needs. Trust your Septic with a company that has been working on Septic Systems for over 30 years.



Repair your leach field without digging or damage to your lawn! Prevent complete septic failure by rejuvenating a failing leach field and save yourself up to thirty thousand dollars!



Unlike many other septic companies, all of our excavation work is done in-company, which avoids the headache of having to coordinate schedules with multiple contractors!

field rej

Field Rejuvenation

Do you have wet spots on the lawn? Do you smell sewage in the yard? You may be able to avoid a septic repair or replacement by rejuvenation of your drainage field.