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What is Septic Cleaning?

Septic cleaning is a necessary maintenance process for all septic systems. A truck with a long hose is used to pump the sludge, effluent and scum from the bottom of the tank. This process prolongs the lifespan of the septic tank and prevents backup into the yard via the leach field. Once a backup begins, the chances for complete septic failure increase exponentially.

How Often Should I Pump my Septic Tank?

The rule of thumb for septic pumping is two to three years for a family of four. If you have a very old septic, or a very large family, you will want to have the septic pumped more often. If you have a newer tank and only two adults at home, you can likely wait out the three years between pumping without problems.

How Do I Know It's Time to Pump the Septic Tank?

  • It hasn't been pumped in the last 2-3 years. 

    As we mentioned above, the rule of thumb for septic pumping is two to 3three years for a family of four! If you have an older system, or a bigger family, you'll want to stick to the lower numbers in that range. 

  • A backed up toilet.

    If your regular-flush toilet starts to act like one of those water-saving toilets that takes 4 flushes to get anything down, that's a sign of either a plumbing or septic issue. Both of which could lead to expensive repairs if not addressed right away. 

  • A Slow Drain

    If a drain in your house, especially those closest to your septic system, (lower level drains) start to back up or clog regularly, that can be a sign of a full septic. 

  • Standing water in the yard

    If you have water or very lush, green, softer spots in your lawn, that is a bad sign for your septic system. In addition to needing your septic pumped, you may want to rejuvenate your leach field. 

  • Septic Alarm

    Some newer septic systems come with an alarm that indicates that your levels have gotten too high. When this alarm sounds, it's important to get the septic pumped as soon as possible. 

Three Very Important Reasons to Have Your Septic Tank Pumped


    A septic system that is full or unfunctioning will give off an unpleasant odor and result in waste materials and hazardous bacteria accumulating in your yard, or even inside of your home. Exposure to these waste products can be extremely hazardous to your family's and your pets' health.


    Chemical Septic tank cleansers and medications found in human waste can contaminate soil and nearby bodies of water. Regular septic maintenance not only protects your family, but can protect our environment by keeping harmful pollutants and contaminants out of the water supply. 


    Repairing a Septic Tank Leak or Replacing a Failed Septic Tank can be Costly. Regularly pumping out your septic can prolong the utility of your septic tank significantly, avoiding unecessary damage to your home, lawn and septic.