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Septic Installation Services in New Jersey

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Septic System Installation and Replacement

Affordable Prices on Brand New Septic Installation. Ready for a new septic tank? We can make sure you get the best system for your land, building and family size. We provide expert Septic System Design and Installation Services, from Excavation to Completion.

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Land Preparation for Septic Installations

Avoid the stress of hiring multiple contractors to coordinate one job. Tri-County Septic handles every aspect of the installation, including excavation and land preparation. We expertly manage the entire process, from excavation to completion. 


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Septic tank excavation

Efficient Septic Systems

Tri County Septic will work with your engineer to choose the best location for your septic tank and system, and ensure that it is properly and efficiently installed.

Brand New Septic Tank Installation

 •  New tank installation

 •  Pipe replacement and installation

 •  Tank location

 •  Tank design

 •  Sewer pump