The Five Signs Your Septic Needs Pumping

If you wait far too long to pump out your septic tank several obvious and often smelly consequences will occur. Septic systems sadly don’t come with bells and whistles, except for the green/red light in your basement. However, having regular maintenance done for your tank as well regular inspections to check on the health of your system; not only means less possibility of stench in your home but also more money remaining in your pocket. The professionals at Tri-County Septic are available to help you help your septic system stay healthy!

If your drains begin to gurgle, which will be obvious when the toilet flushes or you turn on a faucet, call for a septic pump. This is one of the minor signs that your septic may be backing up. It could also be completely unrelated, such as having a birds nest in the plumbing vent to your roof. It's important to have this situation assessed so the proper professional can be called.

Signs your septic system needs help now:

  • Odor – As the septic tank fills up there is less room for the odor causing gasses in your tank. And these gasses are deadly. Only a professional should be handling this occurrence.
  • Bright green grass over the drainfield – this is a sign of your septic overflowing, and when it has no place to go, your lawn becomes its option.
  • Sluggish or backed up drains – Your septic is in distress as there is not longer room for your septic to process the effluence of your household.
  • When water begins pooling around the septic or drainfield, this calls for immediate attention as the system is being overwhelmed.
  • Raw sewage – The smell alone should be a sign to call in the professionals. Raw sewage backing up into the home is another call out that your septic needs fast assistance.

Remember, a septic pump which should be done every three to five years costs a few hundred dollars to keep your tank healthy; replacing your septic tank and drain field costs 10s of thousands in New Jersey. 

We've seen a lot of horror stories, and we don't want to see our customers get stuck with a failed real estate transaction or drained savings account. Regular pumping can save you a lot of pain and heartache. 


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