What is a Septic Tank Pump - and Do You Need One?

Most septic tanks do not require a septic tank pump. (Not to be confused with septic tank pumping, which is the process by which your tank is emptied by a Septic Company. All septic tanks need to be pumped, in that sense.) A septic tank pump, on the other hand, is piece of equipment placed inside of a septic tank to help disperse water above the percolation area to the drainae field. 

A septic tank pump is necessary when the leach field or drainage field that the waste water seeps into is at a higher point than the septic tank, eliminating gravity as an option for flow dispersal. 

If I Need a Septic Tank Pump, Do I Need to Replace My Entire Septic Tank?

Unless there are other major problems with your septic tank, you will not require a septic tank replacement to install the pump. If your septic tank has multiple chambers, your pump can be intalled in your existing septic tank in the final chamber of the tank. 

If you have a single chamber septic tank, you do not want to place the pump directly in the tank as it will pump settled solids into your leach field. If your leach field becomes saturated or compacted, it will result in improper drainage and without leach field rejuvenation, can potentially damage your entire septic system. 

If your septic is a single chamber system, then a pump station can be installed near your septic tank to house the pump. There are filters than can be installed on your pump station to keep larger debris and effluent out of the pump. These filters should be removed and cleaned every 2-3 years, which is the same recommended schedule for septic pumping services

Septic Tank Pump Alarms and Controls

Septic Tank Pump alarms can be installed to give warning in the event of a pump failure or clog. These alarms are activated by a loat switch that is wiered into an alarm panel and can give you much needed notice that maintenance and repairs are required. If you have a septic tank pump alarm and it goes off, please call Tri-County Septic right way before it results in greater damage.