Looking at the sink or toilet thinking can this dyer sheet or grease go down that...if you are thinking it, the answer is usually NO. Remember the pipe leading into your septic system is only 3 inches wide. The only things that should be flushed into your septic are items that are dissolvable. Your septic system is an expensive, finely tuned machine with moving parts that operates in water and sludge to dissolve waste from your home, Treat it with respect and it will last for years.

Dryer Sheets - Dryer sheets are coated with a waxy film that allows your clothes to come out of the dryer static free. However, some of that waxy residue remains and when tossed down a toilet can create clogs in your pipes as these do not dissolve.
Cat Litter - Yes, the box will state it is okay in septic systems, it is not. Cat litter by the time you toss it down your toilet already has been used by your cat. It clumps and does not dissolve. Cat waste itself can contain a nasty parasite called Toxoplasma which can cause some serious health problems to humans. Please toss in the trash.
Hazardous Chemicals - Harsh chemicals like bleach, motor oil, poisonous chemicals are big no-go’s for your septic tank. Tossing of them down the drain will kill off the good bacteria that helps to break down waste that keeps your system running the way it should. These chemicals can contaminate your soil which is another long-lasting hazard. Dispose of these chemicals properly.
Grease - Grease and oil doesn’t break down and will coat your pipes to the point that nothing will be able to get through. Clogged pipes lead will to your septic system backing up and this can cause serious damage to your septic system. Pour grease in a can and throw away. Wipe pans clean with a paper towel prior to washing.
Medicines - Having leftover medications, it can be tempting to just flush them. DON’T. Medicines can destroy the bacterial balance in your septic system, causing septic failure. Flushed medications also will contaminate groundwater, endangering the environment and, closer to home, your own drinking water. Many pharmacies will take and dispose of medications properly.

Keeping your septic system flowing and running is best not only for the longevity of your septic system as well as your family, but the environment as well. By avoiding putting items into your system that can harm your system you will save both time and money.